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5 Questions for Pet-friendly Floors

Looking for pet-friendly flooring? Ask these 5 questions


Pet-friendly flooring ranges from ultra-hard ceramic or porcelain tile to solid or engineered wood, laminated wood and vinyl planking, says Robert Peoples, owner of highly rated Peoples Signature Flooring in Austin, Texas.

The difference in flooring comes down to price and feel as well as type and number of pets, he says. “Ceramic or porcelain would be the toughest surface they could put down,” he says, regarding protection against scratches and stains. “Vinyl planking is extremely water-resistant and quiet. Wood will dent and scratch, but a low-gloss and truly hand-scraped (not machine-scraped) finish will camouflage this.” Ask these 5 questions if you're considering installing pet-friendly flooring:

1. Will the flooring’s texture and finish help hide pet damage?

2. What is included in your cost estimate?

3. How often will my floor need to be treated to look its best?

4. What refinishing options are available for this floor?

5. Do you offer a guarantee against pet damage?

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