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Review Date: January 23, 2014

Outstanding work by an outstanding local business. All work was done to the highest standards and with the most attention to detail that I've seen in a long time.

Robert and Julie have a unique, but very effective business model. Robert truly cares about flooring types and products, and will work with you to get the best fit for you and your home. He will start by asking you what you like most about different flooring, which he will use to send you lots of finished installation pictures to get a better idea of what you will want. He just doesn't focus on price per square foot & Hardwood vs Laminate like the big box stores, but little details like plank width, texture, thickness, finish -etc. With that information gathered, Robert will schedule a time to come by with a van full of large 2x3' samples of flooring which he has chosen based on your preferences. 

This is the best part!!! You can see large sections of sample flooring in your home, with your lighting and furniture, wall colors - etc. vs some 1.5x1.5'' dinky piece you picked out of the bin at Home Depot. I will tell you we would've made a terrible choice on wood if not for his in-home consultation. We decided that a quality laminate actually looked better and fit better in our home than a hardwood in the same price range. If you decide then on what material you wish to use, Robert will do the measurements right there and give you the estimate. When I had Home Depot come to take an estimate, it took a week to schedule, the guy was two hours late, took two hours to measure, and then created an estimate that was all wrong - NO THANKS! 

Installation was great. We had all new trim installed, so Robert got it delivered a week before installation so that I could paint it first - SO MUCH EASIER! Robert and Julie's dedicated contractor, Bruno, was a beast. This guy knows his trade, hands down. Bruno also helped me figure out a way to put my 10 ft tall wardrobe back up when we had trouble with the height (as the wood made the floors taller). I seriously thought for about five minutes that I was going to have to get rid of it - but he figured it out! He also figured out a way to 'step-down' the trim from the wood living room to the laminate floor in the kitchen, which eliminated the need for quarter round to cover the gap - way better looking without it. He truly cares about the customer experience and end product he installs.

When it was all done, Robert and Julie had flowers delivered in a coffee mug - and have since sent us a bundt cake over the Holidays (which we quickly ate) - very classy. When we get our upstairs carpets redone in the next year, People's is the only place I will call.


Review Date: December 18, 2013

 A friend of ours had Peoples Signature Flooring do their floors and they recommended them to us.  We initally spoke to Julie and Robert about a year before we made the decision to actually do it. Then I checked Angie's List and found very favorable reviews.  They were RIGHT!!  I contacted them and they remembered me and had all my information!!  What a plus!!!  We talked about what we were wanting to do, and discussed a few different options.  Robert really listened!!  What a treat!  He brought out some awesome samples that he had just picked up stating that he thought this might be exactly what we were looking for.  Boy was he right!!!   And within 2 weeks our floors were being installed!  All the tile workers were totally awesome!  I've never seen a harder working bunch.  They were so clean and efficient  it was amazing!  I was really impressed at how meticulous they were in regards to getting the tile laid correctly and the grout tiny and uniform!  WOW!!   With as little disruption to our home and daily lives as possible.  All went well and we are so very pleased!!!  I keep showing off my floors to all my friends and family!! I highly recommend Peoples Signature Flooring!  We'll definitely be using them to do the upper level of our home!

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Review Date: November 6, 2013

We absolutely could not be happier with the whole experience - all the great reviews are accurate. Robert came out to our house and spent 4 hours with us going over different choices for our hardwood floors. Even after we selected something he wanted to keep showing us options to be certain we had explored all options. He was very thorough explaining the differences/pros & cons between all the different types and colors of wood. It was so helpful to be able to see several planks of each type of wood in our own home rather than a tiny little square of wood in a store or showroom. 

The installers were amazing. They arrived on time, made sure they had the right wood, and got right to work. There were 5 guys, and in 8 hours, we had about 800 square feet of beautiful new floors. They installed new baseboards too which really look nice and set everything off just right. Robert had said it would probably be a two day job, possibly one, but they did get it all done in one day. We couldn't believe our eyes!

Robert and Julie have both followed up with us to make sure we were happy. We are ecstatic really - every part of this project was handled quickly, thoroughly, and professionally. We will definitely be using them for future projects.


Review Date: December 17, 2012 

Wood flooring selection through installation and completion. One our most important upgrades. The way they integrated the new wood floors and trim with the existing tile and hearth was amazing.

Peoples did a great job! Thank you Angie's List...this contractor was amazing. These guys did great! We were in a new city and just purchased a new (20 years old) home. We had no local resources to help us select which contractors were good or to be avoided. We had the usual list of things the home inspector found before we purchased, plus we wanted to make this home our own with upgrades. Thanks to Angie's List we chose these guys, and they exceeded our expectations in every way. Pros from beginning to completion. These guys are awesome! Better than anyone I could have selected on my own if I had lived here all my life. We looked at several different contractors, and these guys were great and at reasonable prices. Superb experience on every level. I would recommend these guys to anyone and everyone. 

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Review Date: September 8, 2013

We have high expectations, and Robert and Julie, and Tony and his team exceeded them. Robert initially came to the house and spent 3 hours with us explaining everything about hard wood floors and really listening to what we wanted. He brought in well over a dozen samples (this was following our completing a number of questions in advance) and made it clear that there were no hidden costs and the price was inclusive of removal of our old carpeting, grinding and readying our floor which was concrete and was not smooth, and installation and finishing of the new wood floor. Julie also followed up with us regarding installation and checked to see if we were satisfied with the outcome.

They are a business that realizes that quality is of paramount importance and the service component is critical to their success. They have an installation team that was incredibly professional, and were truly craftsmen. They were there on time, explained everything to us, were courteous and unbelievably skilled. They left our house with no mess and were perfectionist in their approach. Tony and his team were incredible and Julie and Robert understand the need to not only make the initial sale, but provide a great customer experience. I teach customer service and would recommend them without reservation, and may even use them as an example of exemplary customer care.
They are an example of what small businesses should strive to be!


Review Date: December 7, 2012

We had hardwood floors installed in our formal living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway, and family room. In addition, we installed new slate flooring in our utility room and powder bath, replaced the stone on our fireplace with black slate, added a black slate front entry to our home, and carpeted the master bedroom, closets, and stairway.

The project could not have gone more perfectly.  From the time Robert arrived at our home with samples, to the time we completed the final walk-through, we knew we had made the right decision and were in the right hands. Robert's design sense and creative suggestions were impeccable -- and the finished product is simply beautiful.  And as at artful negotiator, incredibly he had my husband and me on the same page with regard to our selections in record time -- a feat I would have never dreamed possible! 
Peoples Signature Flooring is in a word, professional -- Julie runs the office and scheduling like clockwork and is a delight to work with.
For the quality of product, service, and end result -- search no further.

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Review Date: July 20, 2013

Let me start by saying I give only the highest praise to Robert and Julie Peoples, owners of Peoples Signature Flooring. I've never had such a good experience with a service company, especially on a larger project where so many things could have gone wrong. I will absolutely use them again and recommend them to everyone I know.

My girlfriend and I found a town home-style condo in the Barton Hills area and instantly fell in love - we've always lived in south Austin and this is the perfect proximity to our families. The caveat: the former owner had what we consider tacky taste and also tried to do all of the home improvement herself. She installed flagship slate inside, which could have been attractive... on a patio. As is, the installation was full of "toe stumpers" - I couldn't take two steps barefoot without stubbing my toes. It also had really large grout lines that we just knew would never look clean (we're both clean freaks). This floor had to go! It was installed throughout the entire downstairs area and on the risers of the stairs. On the stair treads and upstairs there was older hardwood installed, it just wasn't our taste and hadn't been taken care of well. Because we were removing the risers of the stairs, the wood on the treads would have had to go as well. The hardwood upstairs just wasn't well kept - I'm sure we would have spent just as much money and probably more time rehabbing it than to just replace it.

I have an extremely full schedule right now heading up an entirely new division at work. Let's just say my schedule is not easy to work around. Robert and Julie fit us in on a Friday night, which was above and beyond. Robert brought dozens and dozens of wood samples into our home (in the pouring rain, no less!). I didn't think my girlfriend and I would be able to easily agree on the same floor because I like classic and she likes more forward styles. We honestly could have purchased the very first floor he showed us and would have been happy. This was a result of him actually *listening* to us on the phone about what we were looking for and striking a balance between our wants. Boy, am I glad we didn't stop there! We narrowed it down to about half a dozen choices. He's extremely passionate about what he does and certainly knows what he's talking about. What may have been most helpful in our case was seeing several planks of each style of board laid out rather than having to visualize what it would look like from just a sample board. He had photos of previous installations. We eventually decided on a floor that strikes the perfect balance of what we are looking for. 

The [fabulous] crew came out shortly thereafter while we were out of town and started to do the takeup of the tile. Underneath, however, was some sort of quick bond concrete rather than a slab. Our condo is on the second and third floors of our building. If they tried to jackhammer the tile out, we would have had to pour a new slab. Rather than discovering this challenge and backing out, Robert took it as a challenge to find the best installation method and did his research. His crew sanded down all of the tile and formed the perfect subfloor for our glue down installation. I think this was probably a lot more work than is normally required. His crew turned it around and did the most amazing job. They even worked on a Saturday to help us get this done before we had to be out of our old place!! We have a floating installation upstairs and glue down on the stairs and downstairs. I'm not exaggerating when I say that ever single person who has stepped foot in our condo makes a comment about the beauty of our floors. 

We were still uncertain about what to do in the laundry room and powder bath downstairs so I gave Robert and Julie a call several weeks after the wood floors had been done and we were moved in. He had us visit a few tile stores at our convenience and we picked a really nice mosaic tile. Of course, Julie fit our installation in in no time. The tile is even cut to the wood so that no transition moldings were needed. We never touched our master bathroom because that is a whole job of its own. When we make it to that project, I will be calling Robert and Julie. They take pride in their work and their business. They have since called us several times to make sure we are happy with our selection, the installation, etc. I don't know what they could have done better.


Review Date: November 5, 2012


PSF was awesome! Robert explained the procedure of removing 1,000 square foot of tile and installing the wood floor. The crew was professional and left my home clean and beautiful! PSF has a wonderful product selection. We love our floor!!!

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Review Date:April 3, 2013

From start to finish, it was a pleasure working with Robert and Julie Peoples.  He came over to help us choose the wood and carpet and made some suggestions for keeping the job within our budget. It never felt like he was trying to sell me more expensive products, he just wanted us to get the best value for our home. Installation took place over 2 days and both crews were very friendly and efficient.  The installation of the carpet did take longer than I had originally been told.  I had to leave but I trusted them to lock up and they were thorough.  The hardwood looked incredible, they did an amazing job.  Every detail was perfect, and our house sold within 2 days of being on the market.



Review Date: April 2, 2013

Robert and Julie were great to work with, Robert came to my house and brought products so I could view the flooring in my own house and lighting. He explained each product  stayed within our budget. We had looked around at other flooring companies and had gotten estimates that I thought were ridiculous. I am so happy with our new floors the quality of the carpet and planks is just beautiful the baseboards are beautiful and just makes everything look so elegant.  Julie is such a joy to talk to, she scheduled the installation the week that I needed the job done called me and kept me up to date on all the deliveries I would be receiving. The job took 2 days to complete right on schedule. The installation guys did a great job very professional. Now that we see how great the rooms look we want to do the rest of the house as well.



Review Date: August 21, 2012

I wanted to replace all of the carpet downstairs with hardwood floors. I was not a member of Angie's List at the time I contracted the work. I had received several quotes with different companies, but People's had the product I wanted and the price I was willing to pay. Robert Peoples told me he had a great crew. He did not exaggerate and I learned he was so right. Having dealt with some unsavory contractors and crew in the past, I was slightly skeptical. I was so very wrong! These guys were wonderful. They didn't sit down or goof off at all. They ate their lunch on the run. I was told the job might take 2 days, but they completed it in one very long day. I had over 1000 sf of floor to replace. Tearing up carpet, hauling it outside, prepping the floors, installing the wood, cleaning up and it was done! I couldn't have been happier (well maybe, if it was free).

Robert came out to my house with tons of samples, He spent the better part of 2 hrs. going over floor samples, laying them out, comparing them with others, we settled on one and scheduled the work. The day the work was to be done, the crew showed up on time, and went to work, tearing out, prepping and installing. They moved all the furniture around and when the floors were done, they put felt protectors on the bottoms of all my furniture. I provided the felt. This was one of the best experiences I have ever had with any kind of contractor. I used to be an insurance adjuster and wished that I had the caliber of this company with all of the contractors I used. Originally, we had discussed moving in about a year, but I love my floors so much, I think we will postpone those plans. I do know that if and when we do move and need hardwood floors installed, Peoples will be the only ones I will call.

At the end of the day, the crew cleaned up and left us with gorgeous floors and absolutely no mess. The furniture was all put back in place and we just sat and gazed at our beautiful floors.

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Review Date: October 17, 2011

Installed handscraped wood floors in Living room, stairs, and upstairs hallway and installed carpet in all bedrooms.

The two words that best describe Robert and Julie Peoples is Professionalism and Detailed.

I live in San Diego, CA. I have a rental property in the Lakeway, TX area. I wanted to remodel my property so I can put it on the market to sell. I saw all the great reviews on Angie's List so I decided to give them a try. I called Robert and Julie Peoples and asked them to give me some advice and options for my floors and also to take a look at my property and give me some recommendations. Robert went out of his way on a Sunday evening to visit my property. Robert gave me more than just an estimate. He took the time and provided really helpful insight and information regarding remodeling/design elements that would help me improve my property. I felt that Robert and his company were genuinely trying to help me, and look after my interests and not just someone trying to sell me a bunch of flooring. He recommended contractors to install iron ballisters for my stairs, and he also recommended home stagers. Both of which worked out great.

In the end, after much decision, I decided to go with the handscraped hickory wood floors in the living room, stairs, and hallways, and carpet in all the bedrooms. Even though I was in San Diego and not at the property, I was informed every step of the way by Robert and Julie on my installation status. They started the work on time, on budget, and the end results, which I did see with my own eye was fantastic. They even undercut my solid stone fireplace that ran the length of my living room so the wood floors would sit underneath the stone. This detail really made a big difference in the look of the living room. Most contractors would not have taken the time to undercut the stone, they would have just put in cheap quarter rounds to cover the edges.

I really appreciate how beautiful everything turned out. I thank Robert and Julie and their well-trained crew for the fantastic work at a very fair price. I would definitely use them again.

*For this customer's project, Peoples Signature Flooring teamed up with Celebrity Designer Roger Hazard, of A&E's Emmy-nominated series "Sell This House." See more photos and read about the collaboration that Roger Hazard writes about in his blog post.

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 Review Date: August 3, 2011

I decided to upgrade three bedrooms and during the selection period, Robert Peoples made numerous trips for my decorator and myself to consider. It was most pleasant, and after much discussion, the selections were made, the installation was performed to perfection and I am pleased with the final outcome. At this same time, I suffered water damage in a room that was not being updated. Robert completed the insurance claim for replacement and then we explored a totally new product of using hardwood floors in that area, which then resulted in hardwood floors in the dining room, stairwell, hallway, and bathroom. The finished product and coordination was most successful.



Review Date: July 29, 2011

We were very satisfied with Robert and Julie Peoples' thoroughness and helpfulness. They were kind and courteous as was their crew! We had hickory floors put downstairs to replace our old concrete and on the stairs and small hall to replace old carpet. The work turned out fabulous and was finished in ONE day!!!

Robert came out and took measurements and was able to give us an estimate on the spot. Prior to that, he had emailed his website so that we could get an idea of some wood samples he had to offer. After his initial visit, we were able to pick a date fairly quickly. The workers arrived and got the job done professionally and quickly!

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Review Date: July 1, 2011

Wow. Robert and Julie and their team just finished transforming my home by replacing all flooring with a beautiful combination of carpet, tile, and hardwood. First, Robert came to my house for a very personalized lengthy and thorough consultation. He had so many options to offer and show, offered creative ideas based on my general vision, and in the end, provided unmatched service resulting in an amazingly beautiful transformation in my home.

His crews are professional, clean, and thorough. They were flexible with scheduling, stayed on-task, and on-schedule, and actually finished early.

When one set of tiles didn't come from the manufacturer with the look I expected, Robert quickly, and without hesitation, dealt with the issue and resolved the problem, minimizing my anxiety and making it right.

The team is an absolute pleasure to work with, and I would send my highest recommendation.





Review Date:April 3, 2013